Pros and Cons of Writing A Blog

Florence Pageau 

Hello folks,

For my weekly blog post, I decided to do something a little bit different. Since the beginning of this blog, we have posted a ton of information about the Razor’s Edge, but we have not explained how we started the blog, what difficulties we have been through, and what are the tricks you can use. Below, I will give you a list of my top five advices and steps to start a blog on WordPress without giving you headaches.

  1.    Find a title that will differentiate you from others. It needs to be easy for the viewers to get to your link by doing researches on your particular book. In our case, Razor’s edge SLC seems straightforward. Still, it is important to decide where we place the words and if we put spacings between them to create a different meaning.
  2.    The division of your blog is also a priority. The accessibility people will have to a certain subject, such as characters or glossary, will create traffic on your blog. It will be easier for you to post in precise sections and you will be able to go back quickly to them and do appropriate modifications if necessary.
  3.    The tags, that were the cause of many problems since we had not put any at first, are a very important part of getting traffic. The utility of tags is primordial since it is by those words that people will make research and be able to access your content. For example, in a glossary about the razor’s edge I used the tags literature, novel, book, the razor’s edge, learn, authors, and learning, which are all related to the post in different ways.
  4.    Images and visual content is often forgotten at the expense of more energy on the content, but it is always more interesting to read something when you can relate on images to create links. In this case, we added images of the cities and places to show the ambiance surrounding those.
  5.    This advice does not apply to everyone, but in a case of a blog with several writers, it is important to maintain a certain continuity in the content and the way it is posted. For example, writing in the form of paragraphs or bullet point, how many posts per week, the type, and the size of the writing have to be discussed so that they remain constant. You will create a more coherent blog by choosing the same options for everyone and even more if you have one person in charge of publishing and verifying the content. By the same occasion, take the time to proofread and check the quality of your content.

Hope that this will help you to create an outstanding blog.




Justine Cantin

Hello! I find this part to be very interesting, because we are introduced to Sophie, which is a big part of the chapter, and we learn big things about Elliott. Here is a complete list of them ost important symbols in this chapter.

Sex, Drugs and Alcohol

Sophie MacDonald’s main weaknesses are sex, drugs and alcohol. To her, they represent an escape from her pathetic reality in which she seeks some form of comfort. When Larry and the gang see her at a bar, she is drunk and probably high. She is also a dancer at the bar. She is approached by her possessive boyfriend, who is telling her to stop talking to her old friends and to go dance with him. During the night, she also orders champagne for everyone and she ends up drinking most of it. Later, when she is engaged to Larry and while she is waiting Isabel for her dress fitting, she recklessly tries the infamous Polish drink, Zubrovka. She ends up finishing the whole bottle, after being sober for three months. When finishing the bottle she says:  “I felt like laughing and I hadn’t felt like that for three months” (Maugham, 220). This statement proves how she reacts to alcohol and what joy it brings her. Notice the coincidence between how long she has been sober and how long it has been since she has not laughed like she did after she drinks Zubrovka? I think it speaks for itself.

When she realizes she did not want to marry Larry, fearing of becoming the “Mary Magdalen to his Jesus” (Maugham, 218), she runs away from Paris and goes to Toulon. There, she starts drinking again. An interesting constatation Maugham does about Sophie is that her eyes instantly grow greener when she mentions opium. This shows how addicted she is to the effect of drugs. A link can also be made between the laughter she has when drinking and the enlightenment of her eyes.

Another escape from reality for her is sex. After running away to Toulon, she tells Maugham about her refuge at Hakim’s, her opium dealer. There, she has sex with so many men to forget what she has done and who she has hurt.

All these three elements also occur heavily in Sophie’s life after the car accident she had, killing both her husband and her baby. Sex, drugs and alcohol are her defense mechanisms when her life turns upside down, just like many people nowadays. We can translate these elements from the book as a sign of weakness, a fear of responsibility and lack of maturity from Sophie’s part.


Poetry is a symbol of how the Sophie that is presented in the novel is different from the person she was when she was younger. At a young age, she used to love poetry and even wrote her own. The simplicity and purity of poetry creates the contrast with the coarse person Sophie is now.

Gray’s coin

This coin, given to Gray by Larry after he cured his headache, represents all the trust Gray has in his best friend. He relies on it a lot and puts a lot of his trust in it, since Larry is the one who magically cured him. Despite his financial situation, Gray claims he “wouldn’t sell it for a million dollars” (Maugham, 213).

Elliot’s invitation to Edna Novemali’s party

This invitation is crucial to Elliott because it is the first time he is not invited to a societal party, which insults him deeply. Not being invited to Edna’s party is a sign that Elliott is not part of Society anymore, a thing which he cannot and never will accept. Although he does not like the woman, he just wants to be invited to her party so that he has the confirmation that he is not old and uninteresting. Adding to the fact that he did not receive an invitation, Paul Barton is invited, which insults him more, given he despises the man. This invitation is so important to him that he has a mental breakdown, which is also a symbol in itself of Elliott’s realization of the reality of society. When Paul asks him to borrow his Count de Lauria costume, which he plans on wearing to Edna’s party, he realizes that he has given so much to people who care so little about him. This incident has frustrated him so much to a point where he still thinks about it on his deathbed. Elliott was right to be worried that he did not get an invitation because Edna says herself that “He doesn’t count socially anymore” (Maugham, 228).

Elliott’s Costume

For the best party of the year, Elliott planned on wearing his best suit, his Count de Lauria costume. This costume, which he is very proud of, is the one of his ancestors’, and it is also the one he wishes to wear in his coffin. This has a great significance because people usually dress their best for their funeral and the fact that he also wanted to wear this at Edna’s party showed the importance he gave to parties: the same as his funeral. Having Paul ask him for this costume insults him a lot because to him, seeing Paul wear it would be unjust to the costume, lessening its value. This part shows Elliott’s pride.

Catholic Church

Because it is covered by other themes and symbols, the importance of the Catholic Church is a crucial part of Elliott’s life that we do not notice much in the book. In this part, the religion oversees an important role in Elliott’s life and death. First, he considers buying and early Christian sarcophagus in Rome as a coffin while on his trip to Italy to build a new church. He also wishes that his funeral be held in this same church. I think Elliott is, to a certain extent, superstitious towards the Vatican and considers it as a lucky charm. After all, it is supposedly the church who saved him from the 1929 crash. If you disagree with me, I think it is safe to say that Elliott trusts a great deal in the Church and this is why he gets so involved in it. I also think that to him, being an active member and contributor to the Catholic religion gives him an edge that other socialites do not: this is how he stands out more. On his deathbed, he asks to have a priest and a bishop by his side to conduct the final ceremonies. Another interesting link to the Church is made when Somerset Maugham sermons Isabel with a passage from the New Testament regarding her unfair judgment towards Sophie MacDonald. In the book, the Catholic Church represents reason.

Character Analysis

17797613_1291434110942762_1552101479_oEvelyne Richard

Hi pals!

You surely noticed that the action of the novel, along with the evolution of the characters, moves very quickly. Here is a short analysis of the main characters discussed in Part 5 to help you to keep track over it all.

Maugham is involved in many situations in this chapter. First, he is the one who has to deal with Isabel when she panics over Sophie and Larry’s engagement. He even defies her point of view, which makes Isabel very angry, but he manages to bring back the harmony in their friendship. Then, he sees Sophie in Toulon after she broke the engagement. Thus, he gets to know the reason why she left Larry without notice. In the end, Maugham takes very good care of Elliott when he is sick. He comes to visit him every time he is having a bad day and he even manages to have a party invitation mailed to him, because the fact that he did not receive one upsets him to the highest point. In this part, Maugham is a very good support for many characters.

Isabel is very upset that Larry will marry Sophie Macdonald. She still loves him and she is very jealous that Sophie will be the one to marry him, since it should have been her many years ago. She manages to behave in the presence of Larry and Sophie, but she is very sensible to this whole situation. She is very glad when she learns that their engagement was broken.

Gray is so grateful to Larry for curing his headaches that he almost worships him.

Larry takes pity of Sophie Macdonald’s situation when they first meet her at the bar, and shortly after, he wants to marry her. His relationship with Sophie is very similar to the one he had with Suzanne Rouvier. He takes a vulnerable and troubled woman as his lover and he takes very good care of her. He ends up being disappointed since Sophie runs away just before the wedding.  

Elliott is getting old and his health condition deteriorates throughout the chapter. On his deathbed, the main thing that makes him upset is that he has not been invited to Edna Novemali’s party, which is pathetic according to Maugham. He dies at last, preserving the same values he cherished throughout his life, namely, pride and prestige.

Sophie Macdonald is an old friend of Isabel and Larry when they all lived at Marvin. Sophie was deeply in love and had a child, but both her husband and their baby were killed in a car accident. After their deaths, she was devastated. She moved to Paris and started to live a very different lifestyle. She developed a dependence to alcohol and to opium, and she slept with a great number of men. She enters the story when Larry, Gray, Isabel and Maugham meet her in a bar on Rue de Lappe. Shortly after this event, Larry and her decide to get married. She quits her bad habits for him, but she definitely does not seem healthy nor happy. One day, while waiting for Isabel in her apartment, she gets drunk and she runs away. Larry looks for her everywhere, but he cannot find her, so the wedding is called off. Then, Maugham sees her in Toulon, and she explains that she could not resist to her bad habits and that she had to leave Larry for this reason.

Joseph is Elliott’s servant. He is very involved in Elliott’s life and he takes very good care of him while he is sick.

Edna Novemali is a very wealthy American woman. She married a Roman prince, which conferred her the title of Princess Novemali. According to Maugham she is a very nice person, but she has a “malicious tongue.” She is known to host amazing parties, but she did not invite Elliott to her next one, because he revealed to a number of people that she was having an affair with her chauffeur.

Miss Keith is Princess Novemali’s secretary. She is very faithful to Edna, but she makes an exception when Maugham asks her to take an invitation card so that he could mail it to Elliott and so that he would stop being upset because he was not invited to the party. Besides, even if Edna does not like Elliott very much, Miss Keith thinks he is a gentleman and she feels pity for him.

Paul Barton is reintroduced in the story. Elliott still hates him because of his ungratefulness towards what Elliott did for him so that he could enter society. This time, Paul has the nerve to come to see Elliott on his deathbed to ask him if he could borrow a precious costume that he wants to wear to Princess Novemali’s party, to which Elliott was not even invited.

Chapter Summary


Élisabeth Lacombe

Maugham spends a lot of time with Isabel, Larry and Gray. Gray is getting better and better with the help of Larrys treatment. Just before getting back to the Riviera, on his last night in Paris, he meets Sophie Macdonald. It was on an evening where the four friends hung out in a café on Rue de Lappe. Sophie came up to their table and started to talk with them. She knew the four of them, but Maugham had no recognition of her. From Isabels attitude, we can easily notice that she did not appreciate Sophie. Sophie was very drunk and impolite, she was making a fool of herself in front of everybody. When she left, Isabel told Maugham her story; she lost her husband and her child in a car accident and has been an alcoholic since then. Larry admits that he has known her since she was fourteen. He use to be her confident and they would read poetry to one another, Sophie writing poetry herself.

Then, Maugham went to see Elliott in the Antibes and he looked very well. He continued to go to parties, although he felt a detachment toward the new upper-class and felt embarrassed to be in such company. However, he became a constant visitor of his new neighbor, a retired actress. Afterwards, Elliott and Maugham went to Paris together. When Maugham got to his hotel, he received a note from Isabel telling him to meet her as soon as possible. She warned him that Larry would marry Sophie, the friend from Chicago. Isabel wanted Maugham to persuade Larry to not marry her. She asked him because she thought he had a great deal of influence on him. After arguing on the subject, Isabel admitted that she still loves Larry. Maugham suggested to Isabel to go shopping with Sophie, but she said that she would rather invite Sophie and Larry to lunch. They accepted, and they all went to  Ritz. After lunch, Isabel brought Sophie to see a dress show. The wedding finally never happened. Sophie disappeared three days before, and Larry looked for her everywhere.

A year later, Maugham ran into Sophie in Toulon. She tells him the reason she did not marry Larry. In fact, it was because while she was with him, she had not smoke nor drink, and she realised that she could not live this way anymore. She took a train to Toulon where she went at a friends place during three days, smoking opium and sleeping with men.

Later in this chapter, Maugham received a message saying that Elliott was ill, he had an attack of uremia. However, he still goes to social gatherings and parties even if his doctor forbade him to leave his room. Elliott was very mad because he had not been invited to the best party of the season, which is Princess Edna Novemalis party. In fact, Elliot had introduced her to everyone she knew and he got nothing in return. Maugham managed to find him an invitation to flatter his ego. Elliott, close to death, responded to the invitation and declined it. He dies a couple hours after, in Maughams company.


Alexane Drolet



A view of the Eiffel Tower along the Seine river


Hey readers!

We all have a bunch of tests and quizzes going on in our classes and I have been thinking to myself; why not giving you the chance to write another quiz!!! This week’s quiz will be a bit different. I am a fashion lover and I wanted to link this passion with the reading in Part 5. Therefore, I will be asking you simple questions about the characters looks in this part! New characters appeared in Part 5, so let’s see if you remember how they look and what are their main psychological traits!


  1. Is Sophie Macdonald…


  1.           a) small and chubby
  2.           b) 5’5” and slim
  3.           c) tall and thin
  4. How did Maugham describe Sophie?


  1. As a very classy looking woman
  2. She looks like a middle-class woman
  3. She looked more like a prostitute than like a woman


  1. Bob Macdonald, Sophie’s ex-husband, is described by Gray as being…


  1. A poor looking man
  2. Handsome but always wearing simple clothes
  3. One of the best-looking man he ever saw


  1. What was Bob’s profession?


  1. He was a lawyer
  2. He was a doctor
  3. He was a professor at university


  1. What did Gray first mentioned about Bob?


  1. That he was not intelligent
  2. That he was a nice fellow
  3. That he was a very talented lawyer


  1. How did Sophie describe her boyfriend?


  1. As being a good man
  2. As being the guy she always wanted to marry
  3. As being a sulky brute


  1. The author describes Sophie negatively about one particular thing, it is about…


  1. Her dirty hands
  2. Her smell
  3. Her breath


  1. What was Sophie wearing during the hangout at the bar?


  1. A bright purple dress with grey shoes
  2. White jeans and a sparkling t-shirt
  3. A bright green silk blouse and a short black skirt


  1. What did the author remember from Sophie?


  1. She was a very young girl with blue eyes
  2. He has no memories at all
  3. She was wearing a black dress


  1.  When did the author meet Sophie Macdonald?


  1. On a dinner night in the United States
  2. On the day of her wedding
  3. Before he met Larry


Have fun!!

I almost forgot! Here are the answers of last week’s quiz: ANSWERS: A, B, D, A, D.

Good luck 🙂


Camille Gaudreau

Champs Élysées p.187- It’s one of the most famous street in France. It’s considered as being the prettiest Avenue of Paris, and some even say of the world. It is 1910 meters long.

Chantilly p.187 Chantilly is a city at a 57 minute drive from Paris where there is a beautiful regional parc.

Versaille p.187 Versaille is a city that hosts the most famous castle in France, the Chateau de Versaille, which used to be the house of the King of France since 1682, but it became cultural site. The Castle also has incredible gardens that, unfortunately, are about to die because they are too expensive to take care of.

Fontainebleau p.187 Fontainebleau is a city located at 57 kilometers of Paris. It is very appreciated by the citizens of Paris because of its incredible forests.

Chartres p.188 Chartres is called the capital of light and perfume, which makes it quite attractive. It is located at 90 kilometers of Paris and it is traditionally a place of pilgrimage.

Dinard p.189 Dinard is a French colony located in Britain. It is mostly known for its famous movie festival held each year since 1990, but it is also appreciated because of its beaches

Folies-Bergère p.189 It’s a famous theatre in Paris that has been founded in 1869. It mostly presents musical plays.

Notre-Dame p.189 In the book, they say Notre-Dame to refer to “ La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris,” which is probably the most famous cathedral in the world. It welcomes thousands of people everyday. It has been the subject of a very famous story and play, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and it was also turned into a movie for children.

Rue de Lappe p.189 The Rue de Lappe is a street in the 11th district of Paris.

Molyneux’s dress p.196 A Molyneux dress is a dress that has been made by Edward Henry Molyneux before 1950 in his fashion design salon in Paris. His dresses are now worth a fortune although they are really old.

Carl Sandburg p.197 Carl Sandburg is a Swedish poet, historian and novelist that lived in North Carolina. President Johnson said that he was more than just the voice of America, he was America.

Robert Frost p.197 Robert Frost is a very famous poet that I personally studied in class in Quebec City in my poetry class. He was born in Boston and is one of America’s most valuable artist. One of his piece, “Stopping by Woods”, actually touched me a lot so we can say that he still has a influence nowadays.

The Quaker p.198 The Quakers are a well know Christian group. They are also known as the Religious Society of Friends.

Christian Sarcophagus p.199 They are ancient roman sarcophagi that carry carvings from the early Christianity.

Cannes p.201 Cannes is mostly famous because of the Festival the Canne, which is one of the biggest cinema festival in the world.

Third Duke of dorset p.205 His name is John Sackville. He was the only son of the previous Lord and inherited the power in 1783.

El greco’s portraits p.206 El greco, of his real name Domínikos Theotokópoulos, is a famous artist born in 1541 in Crest. His paintings are taught all over the world and they are priceless.

New Testament p.207 It is the second biggest part of the Christian biblical canon. It is very looked upon by christians.

Ritz p.210 The Ritz is one of the most luxurious, not to say the most, in Paris. It is surrounded by very expensive boutiques like Chanel and Cartier.




Entrance of the Louvre Museum

Justine Cantin



I made a little quiz for you guys to make sure you understood well this part. New characters are introduced and many juicy things are happening so it’s important to understand well what is happening. Stay tuned for next week’s post to know the answers!

Q1: What is the first thing Maugham notices when he meets up with Isabel in Paris?

  1. She has three children
  2. She has two children
  3. She has gotten slimmer and more confident
  4. She has gotten grimmer and lifeless

Q2: What are the names of Isabel and Gray’s daughters?

  1. Joan and Priscilla
  2. Stella and Monica
  3. Suzie and Jack
  4. Emma and Julia

Q3: How does Larry react when he meets up with Isabel and Gray?

  1. Ecstatic, he jumps with joy
  2. He sees them and walks away, still regretful that Isabel has married another man
  3. He acts coldly towards them.He is not mean, but not warm and friendly either
  4. In a friendly manner and invites them to have dinner that night

Q4: In which country did Larry spend 5 years?

  1. India
  2. Cambodia
  3. Peru
  4. Sudan

Q5: Who is Suzanne Rouvier?

  1. Larry’s ex-lover
  2. Maugham’s ex-lover
  3. A woman of the country who became the lover of painters in order to live in Paris
  4. Larry’s long lost mother who unexpectedly appears in his life

Q6: What does Suzanne do with the money Achille Gauvain gave her? What use does she give it?

  1. She spends it all on fine lingerie for her future lovers
  2. She puts some aside to buy some land in her native village
  3. She saves it and buys a plane ticket to runaway with her daughter
  4. She spends it on basic needs, because she does not have enough to put aside

Q7: What are Isabel’s feelings towards Larry in her confession to Maugham

  1. She is still in love with Larry, but refuses to admit it
  2. She despises him because he did not fight for their relationship
  3. She love Larry, but she loves Gray even more
  4. She never regretted the decision Larry and her took to break off their engagement

Q8: To Mr. Achille, what are the twin glories of France?

  1. Fame and fortune
  2. Money and women
  3. Cheese and Wine
  4. Art and Literature

Q9: Who is Mr. Achille?

  1. A successful investment banker who serves as a wingman to Gray
  2. The baker down the street from Maugham’s house
  3. Joan and Priscilla’s tutor
  4. Suzanne’s lover

Q10: What does Larry do in the midst of his vacation with Suzanne?

  1. He asks her to marry him
  2. He adopts Odile, Suzanne’s daughter
  3. He breaks up with her
  4. He leaves and gives her enough money to pursue her vacation

ANSWERS: I see what you’re trying to do here, but be patient!! Next week the answers will be up along with my next post.

1929 Crash



La Défense, Paris’ financial district, as seen from the top of the Arc de Triomphe

By Camille Gaudreau


Hi dear readers! I felt the need to talk a little bit more about the financial crisis that occurred in the United States in 1929. I think it should make your comprehension of the following parts easier.

This event is known under two names, the Wallstreet crash of 1929 and the black Tuesday. Wallstreet is the street where big American brokers work. It is the hub of the American economy. The 1929 crash was the worst stock market crash in the United States’ history. A twelve year depression affecting all the western countries started after that date. A lot of people blame the farmers for the crash, because after the war they started to produce more, and apparently too much. The real problem was the speculation and how people were convinced that their economy was unbreakable although there was a lot of speculation. You might wonder what the heck does speculation mean; well it means buying an asset in the hope that it will become more valuable in the future.  A mini crash occurred in March 1929, when the federal reserve warned the population that speculation was dangerous. A rich banker thus gave $25 millions in credit to prevent that crash. Although that banker did help the crisis at that point, he did not stop it and it kept getting worse after that. It was so easy to get credit that the population was accumulating incredibly high debts. Many industries, the steel industry for example, had a huge slackening. On September 20th 1929, the London stock exchange crashed, which decreased the exports of the Americans.  The US crash started on the Black Thursday, October 24, and although rich bankers tried to stop it, they did not succeed and it continued on the 25th and the 26th. On the Black Monday, on October 28th, the market was still going down, so many investor got out the market, which amplified the downfall of the crash. The crisis was at its peak on the Black Tuesday, on October 29th 1929, and it continued to go down for many years after that, which made many rich people lose their fortune and go bankrupt.


I hope this helped you understand what Isabel and Gray, as well as thousands of American at that time, went through.

Character relationship

Dear readers,

For this weeks post on characters relationship, I decided to do a little something different for you. In fact, I decided to do an update on current relationships and introduce new ones discovered in part four of the book. So, here is a short straight-to-the-point update on the character relationships. I hope you will enjoy!

To start off, it is important to know that the Maturins moved into Elliots apartment on the Left Bank after the crash, and that Isabel and Gray moved into Elliots apartment in Paris.

Later in this chapter, Maugham and Isabel meet up after ten years without seeing each other. Even if they have not seen each other in a long time and never spent a lot of time together, it feels like the age gap between them does not exist and they behave like old friends. Maugham is introduced to Isabels two daughters, Joan, the elder, and Priscilla. They are respectively eight years old and six years old. He keeps in touch with them and visits the family about four times a week.

Isabel asks Maugham if he has had any news from Larry, but he unfortunately has nothing to tell her since he has not seen him for a few years. However, it does not take long before he runs into him. In fact, while he was having a drink on a terrace, Larry goes to him but he is unrecognizable. They end up having a drink together, and they catch up a little. Larry then explains to Maugham that he is coming back from India and that he is staying in Paris for a while.

Maugham tells Isabel and Gray about the happy news, and soon after, Larry visits them. They are all very happy to see each other after such a long time, but we can feel a psychological gap between the three characters and Larry. In fact, he has not changed physically, but he became a whole other person. He grew spiritually, and as Isabel became a woman and a mother, their mental connection has been affected by their opposite life path. However, this does not prevent Larry from developing a strong relationship with Gray and her as he is curing Gray from his headaches. In fact, Gray develops a childlike trust (maugham p.160) in Larry.

Afterwards, Maugham points out to Isabel that her daughters worship her, but do not love her as they love their father. She is a great mother, she educates them well, but she is not wrapping them up with love and affection. Isabel then confesses to Maugham that she does not regret marrying Gray instead of Larry. She admits that at that time, she only had a physical attraction for Larry, but that she would have never been happy with him, although she said before that Larry is the only man she ever loved.

By the end of part four, we are introduced to a new character; Suzanne Rouvier, who is Monsieur Achille Gauvains mistress. Maugham and her are good friends. Maugham later learns that Larry and Suzanne know each other. She practically fell in love with him when they were younger. It was about seven years ago, when Odette was five. She met him when she lived at Marcels, and Larry took care of Odette and her when Suzanne was going through a harsh period.



Alexane Drolet

Hi readers!

This week I want to help you with some terms I found difficult and to provide  secondary sources in order to increase the comprehension of your reading. Do not hesitate for further explanations, I am here to help you!

Here are some references I found important to define.

Mortefontaine: This is a community in the Oise department in Northern France. It was bought by Joseph Bonaparte, the elder brother of Napoléon!

Tuileries Gardens: It is a very beautiful public garden. It is located in the 1st arrondissement in Paris, near the Louvre Museum.

Burma: This is a country in Asia. This country contains more than 100 different ethnic groups.

Farm in Illinois: These farms are known to be very beautiful and peaceful. The average size of an Illinois farm is 358 acres.

Duc de Guise: His name is Henry I. He was born on December 1550 and assassinated in 1588.

André Gide’s journal: The founder’s real name was André Paul Guillaume Gide. He is a well-known French author who won a Nobel prize for his work in literature.

Boulevard St. Germain: This is a major street in Paris. This street is 3.5 km long and is beautiful. Many tourists want to see this street.

Avenue Foch: This is also a well-known street in Paris. It has been named after the first World War. This is one the most prestigious streets in Paris.

Larue’s and the Café de Paris: This is a very peaceful coffeehouse on Larue street, also located in Paris. This place is more for French people than for tourists.

Montmartre: This is a large hill in Paris’ 18th arrondissement. Montmartre is often compared to Disney Land.

Boulevard du Montparnasse: This is a two-way boulevard in Montparnasse. It is located in the 6th, 14th and 15th arrondissement.

Lion de Belfort: This is a monumental sculpture of a lion. It has been constructed by Frederic Bartholdi, who also made the Statue of Liberty!

Arnold Bennett: He is an English writer. Mostly known as a novelist, but he worked in the fields of theatre and journalism as well.

Café du Dome: This is a café in Montparnasse, Paris. It is now widely known for being a “Anglo-American café”.

The cure at Montecatini: This cure is all about the Regina water, which would help many stressful person to relax. The cure at Montecatini is referred as spa, which uses different natural product.

Romanesque church: These church are constructed by having the medieval style in mind. There are still some romanesque churches in Paris but it is not as popular as it use to be.

Now, I wanted to do a glossary, which is different from the other ones. This is quiz time everybody!!

Here are 5 complicated words. Try to find what it means. The answers are below.

“But now, she was as slender as anyone could wish.” p.136

a) Thin, slight and small.
b) Huge and obese
c) Very tall
d) Beautiful and stunning.
    2. “ her frocks had been somewhat on the showy side.” p.136

a) Fancy shoes
b) gown/dress worn by a girl
c) Attitude towards the poor
d) Way of thinking that is somehow different

  1. “ her hazel eyes” p.138

    a)  green
    b) Different color
    c) Weird and small
    d) Light golden brown

    4. “ She smiled engagingly.” p.140

    a) Winning and pleasing
    b) With attitude
    c) Having something else in mind
    d) With confidence

    5. “They looked frail.” p.142

    a) Broke
    b) Poor
    c) Rich
    d) Fragile

    See you  next week for the answers!