Audio & Video

√Člisabeth Lacombe

Dear readers,

For this week’s AV content, I decided to come up with something new and do a little video about my appreciation of part three. Hope you enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Audio & Video

  1. Creative way to summarize parts of the book. As someone who has not read the book ,you were able to give a good analytical description of what happened in the first parts of the novel. I easily understood what was going on and look forward to more AV content in the future.

    Just one bit of advice, next time when you film, make sure to turn your phone on its side (vertically). This way, you won’t have the black bars in the video when you upload them to YouTube. Other than that, great work!


  2. Elizabeth! I really liked your post. Not everyone would have the courage to post a video of him or herself and you did, congrats. Your video allowed me to get a good idea of the flow of events in part 3 of “The Razor’s Edge”, as it was very clear.
    Keep up the good work!


  3. Hi Elizabeth!
    I really like that you give your opinion about this part of the book. Since I did not read the book, it is sometimes hard to understand the blog posts on razorsedgeslc but the fact that you present it in a dynamic way makes it more interesting!


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