Character Analysis

Florence Pageau

Hello! As usual, here is a complete analysis of the characters for part 4 of the book. Enjoy!

Elliott has now returned to the Riviera since Isabel and Gray are living in his apartment in Paris. It was the best compromise for him since he thought that, being less attractive at his age, he was more desirable without his nephew and niece by his side. Also, it makes it possible for him to have guests whenever he wants.

Somerset Maugham did not see Isabel for ten years until he went down in Paris for a couple of weeks to work, but also to take news and to get in touch with what had changed. He meets Larry after ten years and makes him reunite with Isabel. He will get to know Isabel better than ever.

Isabel has lost a lot of weight, which makes her prettier than ever. Since the financial crisis, she lives in the poor situation she thought she would be avoiding by breaking up with Larry, which is very ironic. With her money concerns, she gained confidence and ease.This is also due to her husband’s health problems that keeps him from working because of painful headaches. She is still much attached to the father of her two little girls, to which she struggles to give everything they need. On the other hand, she cannot resist to feel love again for Larry that she considers as her only true love, even if he has changed during his several trips. Isabel says to the narrator that she will never let her husband down after all they have been through. She is also very satisfied sexually, which she considers really important. She also believes that Larry is still a virgin, which as you probably know by now is not true.

Gray has now been married to Isabel for many years. With his recent inability to work, he feels like he is failing to accomplish his husband duty to bring money home. He perfectly understands the importance of money, since that was one of the reasons why his wife chose him at first. His health problems are healed by Larry, who used a technique he learned in India to release is mind and body of pain. These treatments required Larry to come often to the Maturin’s place, which confused Isabel.

Larry has been back in Paris for a month. In opposition, to others he has no money issues, since all his money was in a secured account. Since he has been back from India, he is calmer and does not show much feelings towards Isabel. He is faithful to himself and never tells where he is living. He leaves the impression that he could leave again at any time. He has changed a lot, but he still cares for Isabel and his friend Gray. The others, especially Maugham, feel like he keeps a detachment from them.

Suzanne Rouvier first became the mistress of an artist at the age of 15 years old, because she wanted to live the lifestyle of rich painters and enjoy a life of luxury. She was the mistress of many artists over the years, but she preferred painters for their art and stayed with them only if they were rich. Through the years she had a child with a Scandinavian and became the mistress of M. Achille to pay little extras to her daughter’s upkeep. She almost fell in love with Larry and had sex with him, but still he did not want her as a wife even with her great talent as a housewife and a lover.

Mr. Achille is the first businessman Suzanne is with an that is only because he has enough money. He also has different questions for her about where she used to live and wants to have one day every two weeks when he is allowed to have sex with her.


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