Facts About The Novel

Alexane Drolet

10 facts about the Razor’s Edge and its author 

  1. The author of the book, William Somerset Maugham wrote many plays before writing this novel.
  2. The author was born in Paris but grew up in England and served as a secret agent for the British during World War 1.
  3. The last version of the Razor’s Edge, also known as the first vintage international edition had been published in September 2003.
  4. This novel happened to be the most popular novel of the author William Somerset Maugham.
  5. The author’s other huge success, mostly in England, was called Of Human Bondage.
  6. Some references regarding Maugham’s life are explored in the novel The Razor’s Edge such as the city he was born (Paris) and the World War 1 (Larry, the protagonist is affected by the war).
  7. There is a movie adaptation of The Razor’s Edge.
  8. Even though Larry is said to be the main character in the back summary of the book, Elliott Templeton is very present yet taking a lot of space in the story.
  9. Maugham found that it was important to insert himself in the story as the narrator.
  10. In the novel, it was  important for the author to invent nothing.

2 thoughts on “Facts About The Novel

  1. Interesting post!
    However, could you explain further your statement: “In the novel, it was important for the author to invent nothing”?
    As someone you never read the book, I found the facts about the author very fascinating but I would like to better understand the intentions of the author.


  2. Hi Alexane!

    Your blog post is really interesting for the persons that red the book but also for them that do not know about this novel (like me). I think it is very important to know that the author wrote an entirely realistic novel and that he did not invent anything. Also, I find really fascinating that this author was once a secret agent for the British! Your blog post certainly gives plenty of people the want to read The Razor’s Edge!

    Good job!


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