Entrance of the Louvre Museum

Justine Cantin



I made a little quiz for you guys to make sure you understood well this part. New characters are introduced and many juicy things are happening so it’s important to understand well what is happening. Stay tuned for next week’s post to know the answers!

Q1: What is the first thing Maugham notices when he meets up with Isabel in Paris?

  1. She has three children
  2. She has two children
  3. She has gotten slimmer and more confident
  4. She has gotten grimmer and lifeless

Q2: What are the names of Isabel and Gray’s daughters?

  1. Joan and Priscilla
  2. Stella and Monica
  3. Suzie and Jack
  4. Emma and Julia

Q3: How does Larry react when he meets up with Isabel and Gray?

  1. Ecstatic, he jumps with joy
  2. He sees them and walks away, still regretful that Isabel has married another man
  3. He acts coldly towards them.He is not mean, but not warm and friendly either
  4. In a friendly manner and invites them to have dinner that night

Q4: In which country did Larry spend 5 years?

  1. India
  2. Cambodia
  3. Peru
  4. Sudan

Q5: Who is Suzanne Rouvier?

  1. Larry’s ex-lover
  2. Maugham’s ex-lover
  3. A woman of the country who became the lover of painters in order to live in Paris
  4. Larry’s long lost mother who unexpectedly appears in his life

Q6: What does Suzanne do with the money Achille Gauvain gave her? What use does she give it?

  1. She spends it all on fine lingerie for her future lovers
  2. She puts some aside to buy some land in her native village
  3. She saves it and buys a plane ticket to runaway with her daughter
  4. She spends it on basic needs, because she does not have enough to put aside

Q7: What are Isabel’s feelings towards Larry in her confession to Maugham

  1. She is still in love with Larry, but refuses to admit it
  2. She despises him because he did not fight for their relationship
  3. She love Larry, but she loves Gray even more
  4. She never regretted the decision Larry and her took to break off their engagement

Q8: To Mr. Achille, what are the twin glories of France?

  1. Fame and fortune
  2. Money and women
  3. Cheese and Wine
  4. Art and Literature

Q9: Who is Mr. Achille?

  1. A successful investment banker who serves as a wingman to Gray
  2. The baker down the street from Maugham’s house
  3. Joan and Priscilla’s tutor
  4. Suzanne’s lover

Q10: What does Larry do in the midst of his vacation with Suzanne?

  1. He asks her to marry him
  2. He adopts Odile, Suzanne’s daughter
  3. He breaks up with her
  4. He leaves and gives her enough money to pursue her vacation

ANSWERS: I see what you’re trying to do here, but be patient!! Next week the answers will be up along with my next post.


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