Pros and Cons of Writing A Blog

Florence Pageau 

Hello folks,

For my weekly blog post, I decided to do something a little bit different. Since the beginning of this blog, we have posted a ton of information about the Razor’s Edge, but we have not explained how we started the blog, what difficulties we have been through, and what are the tricks you can use. Below, I will give you a list of my top five advices and steps to start a blog on WordPress without giving you headaches.

  1.    Find a title that will differentiate you from others. It needs to be easy for the viewers to get to your link by doing researches on your particular book. In our case, Razor’s edge SLC seems straightforward. Still, it is important to decide where we place the words and if we put spacings between them to create a different meaning.
  2.    The division of your blog is also a priority. The accessibility people will have to a certain subject, such as characters or glossary, will create traffic on your blog. It will be easier for you to post in precise sections and you will be able to go back quickly to them and do appropriate modifications if necessary.
  3.    The tags, that were the cause of many problems since we had not put any at first, are a very important part of getting traffic. The utility of tags is primordial since it is by those words that people will make research and be able to access your content. For example, in a glossary about the razor’s edge I used the tags literature, novel, book, the razor’s edge, learn, authors, and learning, which are all related to the post in different ways.
  4.    Images and visual content is often forgotten at the expense of more energy on the content, but it is always more interesting to read something when you can relate on images to create links. In this case, we added images of the cities and places to show the ambiance surrounding those.
  5.    This advice does not apply to everyone, but in a case of a blog with several writers, it is important to maintain a certain continuity in the content and the way it is posted. For example, writing in the form of paragraphs or bullet point, how many posts per week, the type, and the size of the writing have to be discussed so that they remain constant. You will create a more coherent blog by choosing the same options for everyone and even more if you have one person in charge of publishing and verifying the content. By the same occasion, take the time to proofread and check the quality of your content.

Hope that this will help you to create an outstanding blog.



3 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Writing A Blog

  1. Hi Florence!

    Thank you for those great tips! I totally agree with all of them. When I visit a blog, I like it when everything is properly categorized so I can easily find what I am looking for. I think it is also very important for the blog to be well written so that you remain professional and that readers enjoy reading your posts.

    Keep up with the good work!



  2. This post is great and I can easily relate since we went through the same process with our blog FrankensteinSLC! I believe your article is majorly relevant to a person who wishes to start its own blog since you mention key elements to get trafic, which, let’s agree, is a hard task of being a blogger. Some people even make money with their blogs due to the high number of viewers! Maybe by following your recommendations it will work out that way for some people!


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