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Hey readers!

We all have a bunch of tests and quizzes going on in our classes and I have been thinking to myself; why not giving you the chance to write another quiz!!! This week’s quiz will be a bit different. I am a fashion lover and I wanted to link this passion with the reading in Part 5. Therefore, I will be asking you simple questions about the characters looks in this part! New characters appeared in Part 5, so let’s see if you remember how they look and what are their main psychological traits!


  1. Is Sophie Macdonald…


  1.           a) small and chubby
  2.           b) 5’5” and slim
  3.           c) tall and thin
  4. How did Maugham describe Sophie?


  1. As a very classy looking woman
  2. She looks like a middle-class woman
  3. She looked more like a prostitute than like a woman


  1. Bob Macdonald, Sophie’s ex-husband, is described by Gray as being…


  1. A poor looking man
  2. Handsome but always wearing simple clothes
  3. One of the best-looking man he ever saw


  1. What was Bob’s profession?


  1. He was a lawyer
  2. He was a doctor
  3. He was a professor at university


  1. What did Gray first mentioned about Bob?


  1. That he was not intelligent
  2. That he was a nice fellow
  3. That he was a very talented lawyer


  1. How did Sophie describe her boyfriend?


  1. As being a good man
  2. As being the guy she always wanted to marry
  3. As being a sulky brute


  1. The author describes Sophie negatively about one particular thing, it is about…


  1. Her dirty hands
  2. Her smell
  3. Her breath


  1. What was Sophie wearing during the hangout at the bar?


  1. A bright purple dress with grey shoes
  2. White jeans and a sparkling t-shirt
  3. A bright green silk blouse and a short black skirt


  1. What did the author remember from Sophie?


  1. She was a very young girl with blue eyes
  2. He has no memories at all
  3. She was wearing a black dress


  1.  When did the author meet Sophie Macdonald?


  1. On a dinner night in the United States
  2. On the day of her wedding
  3. Before he met Larry


Have fun!!

I almost forgot! Here are the answers of last week’s quiz: ANSWERS: A, B, D, A, D.

Good luck 🙂


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