Camille Gaudreau

Champs Élysées p.187- It’s one of the most famous street in France. It’s considered as being the prettiest Avenue of Paris, and some even say of the world. It is 1910 meters long.

Chantilly p.187 Chantilly is a city at a 57 minute drive from Paris where there is a beautiful regional parc.

Versaille p.187 Versaille is a city that hosts the most famous castle in France, the Chateau de Versaille, which used to be the house of the King of France since 1682, but it became cultural site. The Castle also has incredible gardens that, unfortunately, are about to die because they are too expensive to take care of.

Fontainebleau p.187 Fontainebleau is a city located at 57 kilometers of Paris. It is very appreciated by the citizens of Paris because of its incredible forests.

Chartres p.188 Chartres is called the capital of light and perfume, which makes it quite attractive. It is located at 90 kilometers of Paris and it is traditionally a place of pilgrimage.

Dinard p.189 Dinard is a French colony located in Britain. It is mostly known for its famous movie festival held each year since 1990, but it is also appreciated because of its beaches

Folies-Bergère p.189 It’s a famous theatre in Paris that has been founded in 1869. It mostly presents musical plays.

Notre-Dame p.189 In the book, they say Notre-Dame to refer to “ La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris,” which is probably the most famous cathedral in the world. It welcomes thousands of people everyday. It has been the subject of a very famous story and play, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and it was also turned into a movie for children.

Rue de Lappe p.189 The Rue de Lappe is a street in the 11th district of Paris.

Molyneux’s dress p.196 A Molyneux dress is a dress that has been made by Edward Henry Molyneux before 1950 in his fashion design salon in Paris. His dresses are now worth a fortune although they are really old.

Carl Sandburg p.197 Carl Sandburg is a Swedish poet, historian and novelist that lived in North Carolina. President Johnson said that he was more than just the voice of America, he was America.

Robert Frost p.197 Robert Frost is a very famous poet that I personally studied in class in Quebec City in my poetry class. He was born in Boston and is one of America’s most valuable artist. One of his piece, “Stopping by Woods”, actually touched me a lot so we can say that he still has a influence nowadays.

The Quaker p.198 The Quakers are a well know Christian group. They are also known as the Religious Society of Friends.

Christian Sarcophagus p.199 They are ancient roman sarcophagi that carry carvings from the early Christianity.

Cannes p.201 Cannes is mostly famous because of the Festival the Canne, which is one of the biggest cinema festival in the world.

Third Duke of dorset p.205 His name is John Sackville. He was the only son of the previous Lord and inherited the power in 1783.

El greco’s portraits p.206 El greco, of his real name Domínikos Theotokópoulos, is a famous artist born in 1541 in Crest. His paintings are taught all over the world and they are priceless.

New Testament p.207 It is the second biggest part of the Christian biblical canon. It is very looked upon by christians.

Ritz p.210 The Ritz is one of the most luxurious, not to say the most, in Paris. It is surrounded by very expensive boutiques like Chanel and Cartier.


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