Book Appreciation (6)

Camille Gaudreau

Hi guys!

I hope you had as much fun reading the book up to now as I did! I normally hate my school’s readings, and when I say hate, I really mean it.  This one has been a little different to me because I find that there is a lot of action taking place.The author gives an insight on all the major character’s lives which makes the book very drama-oriented. Most girls will admit loving being the spectator of that type of drama, which makes the reading so entertaining and fun.

I also like that it makes the reader discover all the places that are mentioned in the book, which are all real, as well as the artists, the shops and so on. Therefore, I invite you to go take a look at our reference sections, which will help you to imagine the scenes in your head since you will see that all the real places. It makes the story so realistic that it adds a whole other dimension to the novel. You can just click on the link below and it will bring you to our first reference section which is the biggest one. 🙂

Moreover, I really appreciate that we get to analyze all the characters in their complexity since, we must admit, they are all very complex. It is very fun to see how they change throughout the novel. What I love the most about the sixth part is that we really get to understand Larry’s life and especially the part of his life that was kept very mysterious until then. At first, I thought that he was very mature about the whole situation involving Isabel and reading his life path made me understand why he was so mature about this situation.

Overall, I definitely invite you to continue your reading (even though we are nice people who summarize everything for you!) because you will see that it is way more fun than regular school books. If my appreciation review of the book did not convince you, or that you feel like you do not have the time to read it (which I can totally relate to), you can still look at our blog posts that will help you to understand the book because it is very complete and it covers many angles your teacher could challenge you on.


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