Why I Want to Go to Paris

Alexane Drolet

One of the themes of The Razor’s Edge is travelling. The characters, especially Maugham, are travelling a lot. One thing I liked the most while reading this book is the fact that all of the references mentioned by the author are real and refer to beautiful places in France. Since I read the book, I want to discover Paris so much! As you probably noticed while reading the book or on our blog, there are a lot of references about Paris and about the best spots of this city. Indeed, our team searched almost all of the references mentioned in the book. The research we did really made me want to discover Paris and to travel there. I learned a lot of thing about this amazing city and I would love to go to the coffee shops or to the beautiful streets Maugham talked about in his book. Indeed, all of the places the author referred to in his book exist in real life. I feel like this book could be placed in the “tourism” category in the libraries. You know, the books that are written only to help you discover new things before travelling to certain places? Well, I feel like The Razor’s Edge is one of these books which incorporated a story to its presentation of Paris.
I am curious. Did you have the same feeling while reading the book? I definitely think we should book the next flight for Paris!


One thought on “Why I Want to Go to Paris

  1. You made me curious, what are those place you talk about? I will probably go to Paris next year and I would have liked to see some of the place that Maugham visited and that he liked so I might have gone to those places as well.


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