Character Analysis (6)

Élisabeth Lacombe

First thing first, it is important to know that the narrator warns us that we may skip this part of the book. In fact, the whole chapter is about Larry’s life. This said, there is not much to say about other characters than Larry so here is what we get to know about him.

Isabel: She inherited of Elliott’s money.

Gray: He regained some health and is impatient to go back to America.

Larry: Maugham and Larry run into each other by chance, and once again, we get to know a little more about his life. In fact, he opens up to Maugham and tells him about his life in Germany and his time in Alsace. During this chapter, we get to understand that Larry traveled a lot, aiming to find the answers to his questions, but from a place to another, he never concretely does until he gets to India. He becomes a disciple of the saint Shri Ganesha, who turns out to be the Yogi introduced when he first gets reunited with Isabel, Gray and Maugham. By his side, Larry learns what he practices with Gray. By the end of the conversation,  he also tells Maugham his plan to settle down in New york, to become a taxi driver and to fulfill his need for knowledge in libraries. Through his anecdotes, we get to understand the importance of philosophy and religion in Larry’s life, which helps us to better understand his personality.


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