Quiz (7)

Élisabeth Lacombe

Hi Readers ! So, for this very last part of the book, I decided to prepare a little quiz. The purpose of this blog post is just for you to have fun, and who knows, maybe prepare you for a future exam on the book….


1- How was Sophie Macdonald’s body found?

2- How does the Maugham describe his relationship with Sophie to the policemen?

3- What are the assumptions made about Sophie’s murderer?

4- Why did Maugham want to go to Paris?

5- Isabel wanted to sell all of Elliot’s furniture except one thing, what?

6- How did Isabel know about Sophie’s death?

7- What is Isabel’s feeling about Sophie’s death?

8- Isabel sent Maugham a postcard for Christmas. From where is it posted?

9- To whom is Suzanne getting married?

10- Who buys Suzanne’s first painting?



1: It has been fished out of the harbour, she was naked and her throat was cut.

2: He says that he knew her very little, that he knew her when she was a girl in Chicago, then he saw her a year ago through friends of hers and his.

3: The French police think it must be a sailor that already left the port, or a gangster that would have want to steal her money.

4: To talk with Isabel.

5: His modern picture of his house in Antibes.

6: Maugham told her.

7: She is glad she is dead.

8: Dallas.

9: Monsieur Achilles.

10: Maugham.


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