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Camille Gaudreau

Hi guys ! As my last post here I wanted to have a little chat with you about my experience as a blogger. First thing first, you must know that I am not really the social media type. I am the type of girl who goes on hikes because she loves it, not because she wants to take a picture at the top of the hill, you know. I must admit that I really liked my experience, it is really fun to have feedbacks from you guys and to be able to share a passion with so many people. The negative side of my review on the subject is that I have no life, I basically go to school, then go to work, then go to the gym, then sleep and start all over again the next day……. and I try to plug my homework in somewhere. To me, a girl working 30 hours a week and being in class 27 hours a week, it was quite hard to keep up with all the work a blog needs. It isn’t just writing about what you like, it is also choosing the right pictures, proofreading and so on. All I want to say is that although finishing this blog is kind of liberating since it was for a school project, I will miss it.


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