Character Analysis

Camille Gaudreau

Elliott: we can see that Elliott is still all about prestige and money, although we must say that he is generous of his time and money with his family. He wants to introduce Larry to his world but Larry ignored all his calls which Elliott cannot understand why. We can see that he isn’t shy about sharing his opinion even though they are not always desired from the other members of the family.

Larry: is still completely in love with Isabel, He lives in a cheap hotel where he can cook. He spends his time learning, he reads about philosophers, and famous authors. He reads in french and learns greek. He has fundamental questions that he wants to answer. He couldn’t care less about money which is very different than Isabel’s values. He just wants to be happy and learn more everyday. He has quite a strong mind because he sticks to his values even though it means losing the love of his life. He wants Isabel to keep her ring.

Isabel: She is still in love with Larry. She defends Larry in front of her family. She has bad habits like smoking. She is easily manipulated by Elliott, he gets in her head when he says that Larry must live with another woman. She doesn’t understand Larry’s philosophy, she thinks that living a fulfilling life is doing a job that makes you rich even if it means not loving your job. Her attitude towards money is very different than Larry’s,  she doesn’t want to live on small amount of money even if it means being with the one she loves.


Louisa: Louisa suffers from diabetes.


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