The Eiffel Tower at night

Alexane Drolet


Glossary for part 3: 10 definitions to help your reading!

1: “It may be that to lose her was bitterer to endure than he had expected” (p.98)

Definition: It was hard to admit/to accept.


2: “We went on talking in a desultory fashion and then the two boys came in” (p.101)

Definition: Lacking in consistency, constancy.


3: “ Kosti asked me if I played belote” p.101

Definition: A card game for two players, playing with 32 cards and following the same basic rules as klabberjass, a popular game in France.


4: “ He is a puny little Frenchman.” p.102

Definition: Quite weak. Less strong than others.


5: “ He was as cunning as a horse.” p.103

Definition: Skill employed in a shrewd or sly fashion, as in a craftiness or a guile.


6: “…they hardly minded losing their pfennigs to him.” p.107

Definition: A penny. (minor coin and monetary unit of East Germany, the 100th part of an Ostmark.)


7: “We came to a rambling farmhouse.” p.108

Definition: Aimlessly wandering.


8: “…because she was a foundling and had been a servant.” p.110

Definition: A child without a known parent or guardian.


9: “Eliott, apt to use hackneyed quotations.” p.122

Definition: Made common or trite.


10: “…but for long now had been no more than a wilderness of marsh and gumwood.”p.131

Definition: Small wild and uncultivated region.



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