Part Summary




The Promenade des Anglais is Nice, French Riviera

Florence Pageau


This third passage of the book happens 10 years later when the narrator starts by giving news about Larry’s life after his separation with Isabel. Even after several years alone in Paris with tons of books to read, he was still looking for a vocation that would give sense to his life. He finally decides to go for a more manual job in a mine in Lens near the Belgian borders. As he just arrived, he settles down and met a new friend named Kosti, an ex-officer who used to be a member of the upper class until he got caught cheating at cards. Larry will take him as his spiritual guide after a deep conversation in a bar after a work day, where he explained to him how it is important to find meaning in your life, which was for him found in the understanding of different religions and mysticism. This conversation will make them grow together and they will leave their city to travel across Belgium and Germany and will get a small job on a farm. This life-changing relationship will break apart when a woman will make disturbing moves on Larry, who will continue is journey alone, and move to India. Back in the states, only one year after her separation Isabel got married to Gray for his wealth and had two children together in Chicago. The stock market crash destroyed their stable and superficial happiness. Thankfully, Elliott, who is now old and has lost all his influence on the society, decides to share his money since he was not affected. He will invite the couple to stay at is place in Paris and help them to get back on track. This nice act will make us see Elliot in a better way and show all the effects of the great depression on people.



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