Videos To Watch

Mathieu Dorval

3 Great videos everyone should watch  – Mathieu Dorval

1- The Razor’s Edge – #MarkoBookClub Ep 1 (Feb 2017) – by Marko

Marko is a young youtuber who just started his channel where he tries to share his reading through a book club with his viewers. Indeed, even if he just started, Marko managed to receive 2,200 views on his video about The Razor’s Edge by Maugham. This video aim at encouraging his public to buy and read the book. He does his job greatly without giving any major spoilers to its viewers, thus succeeding at what he wants to do. Marko covers in his video a short biography of the author and he also performs a critic of the book.

2- The Razor’s Edge – Somerset Maugham TheBooksBooksBooks

In this video, a group of students perform their favorite scenes with a small personal twist. This parody is well made and provides an extensive number of different scene, meaning that one could recognize many of its favorite passages of The Razor’s Edge. Adding a glimpse of humor at the story allows the viewers, they see the story from a different angle, thus making this video pertinent.

3- Interview With Somerset Maugham (1946)

It is always a great thing to know a bit more about an author before reading his book. This authentic interview of 1946 is a real chance to know more about Somerset Maugham since he shares passages of his life as an author. It is a short video but it is still worth to watch it when interested in Maugham’s life.

It is easy to find plenty of videos about The Razor’s Edge on the internet. Indeed, many chapter summaries, analysis and audiobooks are available for free on YouTube.

Please, do not hesitate to share your favorite video about Maugham’s The Razor’s Edge!


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